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These people are not special by their skills, but they are truly special by their heart.


Pol Makambe

Communication Manager


Josh Richards

Project Manager


Lynette Andes



Latica Evans

Program Manager

South Africa

+27 73 020 2669

PO Box 502  Western Cape, South Africa.


+27 73 020 2669

PO Box 501  Voi , Canada.

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Skype: Let'ssavethechildrentogether167

97a Stormont Road  London, UK SW11 5EJ.

 LET’SSAVETHECHILDREN. Our organization has been providing aid and care to children across the world since our inception in [year]. We have taken on the responsibility of protecting children from abuse, neglect, and exploitation by addressing the root causes of these issues in their communities.

Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals who are focused on creating a better future for children. We believe that every child deserves a loving and nurturing environment, access to education, and quality healthcare services. We implement programs that promote children’s well-being through education, health, and nutrition initiatives, child protection, and emergency response programs.

LET’SSAVETHECHILDREN works with partners, local communities, and governments to help achieve our mission of safeguarding children’s rights. Our organizational success is built on transparency, accountability, and value for money. We aim to create lasting impact and change in the lives of children and families in need.